Charles MacFarland

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Charles MacFarland did a B. S. in Physics at M. I. T. and taught Physics in the Peace Corps in Malaysia. Then he did an M. A. in English at the University of Virginia, after which he emigrated to Australia and taught English and Physics for about 12 years.


MacFarland started in nude photography when his father sent him a Polaroid camera to take pictures of his Peace Corps experience and he used it to do nudes of a fellow volunteer, an Australian girl, instead. In Australia he continued to do artistic nudes, and also wrote articles and did photos for naturist magazines. Gradually he turned to video and founded Synetech Video co. Synetech specializes in documentary videos about naturist resorts and beaches, and also creative videos of nudes in beautiful natural surroundings.

In 1992 MacFarland came to live in Byron Bay, an Edenic area just south of Brisbane, popular with creative people leading alternative lifestyles. Byron has everything: beautiful beaches, rainforests, steep mountains with deep canyons, waterfalls, craft markets, and countless cafes. There he found lots of people happy to participate in videos about naked parties, beach visits, yoga, body painting, rainforest walks, and sensual delights. He has made more than 20 videos in Byron Bay, as well as 30 at naturist spots in Europe and America. The photos in this book were made in association with the Byron videos.

The people of Byron Bay live a better lifestyle, not dragged down by unhappy old-fashioned ideas like consumerism, conventional religions, greed, or intolerance. They don't destroy their environment or embrace war or accept the domination of wrongheaded political or business institutions. Their fondness for nakedness is just one aspect of the whole rainbow of these good ideas, which MacFarland has come to love in his beautiful adopted home.